2015 — 2016


A digital advertising studio


I will spend exactly twelve months with the company, but it will feel twice as long. Some of the projects are fun. Many of our clients are household names or adult beverage brands. This is kind of cool at the beginning, but the novelty wears off pretty fast. And it unfortunately doesn’t make the work any more interesting. It’s my first time managing other designers, which is equally humbling and rewarding.

I make a lot of keynote presentations and not much else. The presentations are filled with mostly silly ideas designed to generate revenue for companies that sell products no one needs. My Google Calendar is chopped into 15-minute slivers. The hours and days scrolling by like so many Google Sheets. I experience several anxiety attacks.

I work alongside some of the funniest, most talented, most spirited people I’ve ever met. We have free catered lunches every week. We have a nap pod and multiple ping-pong tables. We have a $2500 monthly snack budget. Four of my coworkers are dogs. It is the best of times and the worst of times.